New Year’s Day Trial 2020

I always look forward to this trial a new year and a new season which has started off well with 29 riders on the day, Jerry and Son Ryan laid out 8 sections which everyone seemed to enjoy.  As I no longer ride I get a lot of pleasure from watching riders develop their skills over time especially the younger ones, the difference in their confidence and ability over a year is incredible, another thing that comes to mind is where else can you see 3 generations of the same family competing together i.e. the Budgens father Gerald, son Mark and grandchildren Leanne and Scott. Enough of my ramblings back to the trial a good mixed entry in all classes made for a very enjoyable day for all.


Expert   Clubman Red  
Mark Budgen 11 Bob Wort 13
Jack Taylor 12 Gary Stewart 19
Andy Dudman 30 Adrian Holloway 20
Jerry Manthorpe 51 Emma Thompson 24
Michael Hyden 53 Kevin Thompson 63
Inter Blue   S/Boy Yellow  
Tom Horsburgh 14 Leanne Budgen 2
James Lord 25 Ella Cashman 5
Hanna Moore 29 Lucy Hopper 29
Richard Ellis 50 Charlie Lord 47
S/Boy Red   Yellow  
Scott Budgen 37 Barrie Birchmore 2
Rowan Stewart 76 Andrew Cooper 8
0/40 Blue      
Gerald Budgen 6    
Tim Paddock 21    
Chris Dark 38